Many of the products we use to improve your lawn are only available to lawn care professionals. Often it’s cheaper to pay a professional than buy the products yourself.

Absolutely, everything we use to improve your lawn is fully tested and licenced.

Weed control and nutrition will make an obvious impression within ten days. Major renovation works can take longer.

We always contact you ahead of our visits, however there is no need to stay home, we have all we need in our van – even tea and biscuits!

We guarantee, that if you follow our advice, you will have a beautiful lawn you will proud of.

Yes, wait for any treatment to dry first though.

Our EasiPay™ system saves you the trouble of sending cheques or paying on the day we visit.

Indeed we are. All our Lawn Technicians are fully qualified and certified by City and Guilds.

Our Professional Lawn Care Plan will address the specific needs of your lawn Recommendations will be discussed in detail when we survey your lawn.

You will see the results of lawn treatments within 10 days of our visit.

We are very experienced and use the best equipment. We can work quickly and achieve great results. We always encourage our customers to think of the results rather than the time taken to achieve them. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

As often as it needs it depending on the rate of growth- ask for a copy of our mowing guide.

All plants need water. If we are in a period of drought watering is important – ask for our watering guide and ask about ‘Drench’ our water reduction treatment.

There are no active ingredients in our treatments that require you to delay the composting of any grass clippings.

Lawn Assured
UK Lawn Association
City & Guilds
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Click and drag map , then zoom on your lawn as much as possible and start measuring. Then, use your finger or cursor to colour the area which you want measured. You can use the undo button if you make a mistake.