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You might be wondering; What makes a lawn healthy and green?

4 main reasons for a healthy lawn:

Grass variety selected for the right conditions
Well-nourished lawn grass plants
The right watering regime so the grass doesn’t become stressed
Lawn turf that’s from weeds and disease

The truth is, it’s not rocket science to achieve a healthy, green lawn all your round

Perhaps you’d like to know;

What can I do to achieve the best looking lawn?

People who succeed in lawn care follow these 3 easy lawn tips

  • Feed the lawn to replace lost nutrients
  • Treat the lawn for weeds as needed
  • Identify any disease issues and deal with them efficiently

One thing you might need to know is;

Why do I need to feed my lawn?

In nature plants are pretty good at feeding themselves;

3 ways plants feed themselves:

  • Leaves absorb the sun’s energy and carbon dioxide and convert this into food (photosynthesis)
  • Leaves are eaten by wildlife and their excrement returns to the ground and feeds the plants
  • Leaves fall from plants, decompose and re-feed the plants

So you might now want to know;


Why do we need to feed lawns if plants can feed themselves?

  • Regular mowing reduces the amount of leaf and the ability to convert energy into food
  • We don’t have animals eating lawn grass and leaving behind their excrement as food
  • Removing mown grass prevents it from decomposing and feeding the plant
  • Rain washes nutrients down through the soil and away from the grass

Here’s the important bit;

A well-planned lawn feeding programme will promote healthy grass growth and prevent disease

It’s cheaper and more cost effective to pay a lawn professional to feed your lawn than it is to do it yourself