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For most people their first impression of a property is the garden

3 things about messy gardens

Neighbours dislike those with messy gardens
An untidy garden devalues your property
Looking out on your poorly maintained garden can impact on your mood

Maybe you can relate to those points:

You might ask the question:

How do I renovate my garden?

The main things to consider are:

  • What do you want from your garden
  • What do you have in your garden that you can improve
  • What things should I add to my garden


Seems like a pretty easy place to start:

Here’s what most people need to realise

Garden renovation works can greatly improve your outdoor enjoyment

When do gardeners get renovation wrong?

4 reasons for garden renovation problems

  • Limited knowledge of what plants are already in the garden
  • Making the wrong garden decisions
  • Working beyond your own capability
  • Not having the right garden equipment to do the job


Perhaps you are wondering

How to take on a garden renovation project

  • Make a plan of what you want from your garden space
  • Identify garden plants
  • Learn what you can you do with your existing plants without harming them
  • Carry out any big jobs first
  • Recognise your own limitations
  • Realise that the right equipment makes a tough job far easier

Where’s the shortcut?

There is no shortcut to good garden maintenance and renovation

You get what you pay for with garden renovations. If you want a professional result use a professional service

We provide a range of professional garden maintenance services to suits all levels. Our maintenance plans spread the cost of maintaining your outdoor space across the calendar year.

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