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A beautiful well planted garden improves more than your mood

3 reasons to include plants in your garden

Most plants encourage wildlife into your garden
Plants are good for improving your mood
A beautifully planted garden make a great impression

The truth is that many people worry about what they don’t know about plants

Maybe you want to know

What should I plant in my garden?

Choosing the right plants for your garden

  • Think about what impression you want to create
  • Your garden conditions dictate which plants will do well
  • Consider how much time you have to maintain your garden


Is that really all there is to think about?

Here’s something else you might consider;

If you don’t know much about gardening there’s plenty of professional help available

Perhaps you want to know how to avoid gardening mistakes

4 common mistakes made by novice gardeners

  • Choosing the wrong plants for the wrong places
  • Carrying out the wrong plant care at the wrong time of year
  • Over or under watering
  • Planting too close or too far apart

It can all seem a little overwhelming


People that succeed with planting follow these golden rules

  • Understand how the sun and shade affect your garden
  • Know about your soil acidity
  • Plants need feeding to thrive
  • Too much water is as bad as too little
  • Not all plants can survive a winter outdoors
  • Treat pests and diseases before they take hold

Here’s the worst part

Shop bought garden plants can be very expensive

Protect your investment in garden planting by employing the services of a garden professional and enjoy professional results!

We provide a range of professional garden maintenance services to suits all levels. Our maintenance plans spread the cost of maintaining your outdoor space across the calendar year.

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