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You may agree when I say that maintaining hedges and trees in your garden can be difficult

3 main reasons people neglect hedge and tree maintenance

Specialist equipment is expensive
If it involves climbing it can be dangerous and frightening
It’s usually a big job that most people don’t enjoy

Maybe you share the same concerns

Do you sometimes think

When is the right time to cut hedges?

When should I cut back trees?

Important things to consider include

  • Will your work disturb wildlife?
  • Should the work be carried out when growth is dormant?
  • How will the tree or hedge respond to my work

hand sawing a tree

There’s a lot to consider when planning this kind of garden maintenance

And here’s the bad news;

DIY and gardening are amongst the top reasons for A&E admissions

How do you reduce the risk of accidents?

3 reasons why tree and hedge work is dangerous;

  • Pruning and trimming increases the risk of falls
  • Power saws and hedge trimmers can be dangerous to use
  • Most households don’t use the correct personal safety equipment when working outdoors

tree surgeon

How do the professionals approach pruning

  • Identify the tree being pruned
  • Establish when the right time to carry out work is
  • Prune for a purpose
  • Remove the dead, diseased and dying parts first
  • Tidy as you go to keep your working environment safe

Here’s the obvious bit:

Make sure you use the right tools for the job and the correct safety and protective equipment

It’s often easier and cheaper to pay for professional garden maintenance

We provide a range of professional garden maintenance services to suits all levels. Our maintenance plans spread the cost of maintaining your outdoor space across the calendar year.

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