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Most people think that neat lawn edges really make for a tidy lawn

3 reasons why neat lawn edges are important?

Neat edges help to improve the overall appearance of your lawn
Trimming edges regularly stops grass from growing into borders
Short lawn edges strengthen turf edges

Keeping edges neat and tidy isn’t difficult

Perhaps you want to know;

How can I improve my lawn edges?

How do I keep my edges looking good?

Are there any tips to neat lawn edges?

How do I edge my lawn or create lawn edges?

3 easy lawn edging tips

  • Cut around the lawn with a half-moon edging tool
  • Repair any broken turf areas
  • Trim the edges regularly with a strimmer, power edging tool or edging shears

before and after lawn edging

Maybe you are wondering;

Why don’t people look after their lawn edges?

Edging a lawn well is difficult and tough on your back

What’s the trick to neat lawn edges?

4 reasons lawn edges don’t look good

  • Walking on the lawn edge can damage the neat cut turf
  • Edges aren’t cut back regularly
  • Grass from the lawn grows into the flower border
  • Lawn clippings are not removed from around the edge of the lawn

lawn edging

Perhaps you are wondering how lawn care professionals keep lawn edges looking great

  • Cut the lawn edges every time you mow the lawn
  • Remove all grass clippings and leaf debris
  • Keep the edges repaired and replace any damaged edge turf
  • Install edging strips to hold soil in place if needed

You might be wondering;

If it’s that easy why do my lawn edges look so bad?

Lawn care professionals pay attention to the details and give your lawn a professional finish after each mow