Managing Lawn Pests

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Lawn pests can cause major damage if allowed to increase in population in your lawn

You may be wondering which pests cause the most damage

Leather-jackets, the larvae of the crane fly
Chafer grubs, the larvae of garden chafer beetle
Birds, badgers and foxes dig for these grubs causing extensive lawn damage

Dealing with lawn pests is very difficult

So you might be asking…

Why are chafer grubs in my lawn

What can I do about leather jackets

How do you kill lawn pests

When can I treat my lawn for chafer grubs


Prevention is the best way to avoid insect damage in lawns

A healthy lawn is the best way to prevent chafer grub or leather jacket damage:

  • Ensure your lawn is healthy and the grass is growing well through correct nutrition
  • Control moss to reduce the chances of insect infestation in lawns
  • Improve drainage through aeration
  • Scarify to reduce thatch to eliminate the conditions these insects like to live in

lawn pests

Maybe you’re wondering why it isn’t easier to kill these lawn pests

Well, the answer is simple;

We need to work with nature to keep our gardens beautiful. Pests should be discouraged but not destroyed

Insects are part of our eco-system we need the correct management to prevent damage;

Reasons why the damage is caused;lawn damage from pests

  • Poorly managed lawns create ideal conditions for insect populations to explode in numbers
  • These lawn pests live on thatch and the roots of your lawn grass
  • Other animals like to eat the grubs so dig up your lawn to find them
  • Once the turf is damaged it usually needs complete removal and re-laying or re-seeding

Moss and thatch is a major contributor to these problems. So how do you get rid of moss in lawns?

Follow these simple


  • Identify the reasons for your mossy lawn
  • Treat moss with a liquid moss-killer and wetting agent to aid penetration
  • Remove dead moss but not grass by raking, or scarify larger lawns – it’s hard work
  • Re-seed bare lawn areas
  • Consider the best time of year to weed and feed a lawn
  • Improve lawn drainage and shade issues
  • Apply preventative moss treatments annually

Want to know the best part?

Save yourself time and money on lawn care;

It’s more cost effective to pay a lawn care professional and achieve the best results than to do it yourself!