When, how and why to seed your lawn

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When to seed and why to seed your lawn can be confusing

What are the 3 reasons for carrying out these lawn maintenance tasks?

Over-seeding or re-seeding an existing lawn helps to recover bald/bare patches
Over-seeding your existing lawn is significantly cheaper than re-turfing
New grass seed becomes new grass plants which bring a poor lawn back to life

Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it?

But perhaps you’re thinking;

When should I re-seed my lawn?

How do I re-seed a lawn?

What seed should I use?

Why isn’t my lawn seed germinating?

How often should I water grass seed?

When should I re-seed or over-seed my lawn?

Successful lawn re-seeding follows these basic rules

  • Soil conditions must be right for grass seed to germinate – warm and wet
  • Early or late in the growing season is the best time to over-seed or re-seed a lawn
  • New grass plants need the right nutrition to thrive
  • Seed needs moisture once you have sown it. If it dries it dies!
patchy grass

Patch seeding will fill in bare lawn areas

New grass plants are susceptible to weed control products – do things in the right order and at the right time

Here’s the good news

Most poor condition lawns can be renovated with top-dressing followed by re-seeding or over-seeding!

So why is your lawn seed not germinating?

3 reasons your lawn seed is not germinating:

  • Soil temperature it too low for germination
  • The soil has been allowed to dry out
  • Lawn seed has died
top dressing

If it dries it dies – keep new seed moist

Follow this guide to re-seeding or over-seeding a lawn

  • Prepare the soil so the seed can germinate
  • Choose the right lawn seed for your lawn conditions
  • Buy seed from a good lawn seed supplier
  • Sow lawn seed at the right time of year
  • Use the right amount, too much is bad too!
  • Water and feed newly germinated lawn seed

The truth of the matter is

Most lawns don’t need re-turfing, just the right care and attention to improve what’s already there

It’s easier and cheaper to ask a lawn care professional to improve your existing lawn than it is to re-turf!