Killing Lawn Weeds

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Lawn weeds really spoil the impact of your lawn;

You may be wondering how kill lawn weeds but not kill your grass;

First identify what weeds you are dealing with
Use the correct pesticide for the weeds you are targetting
Be certain to use the correct dose at the correct time of year

Dealing with weeds in a lawn isn’t difficult but it can be easy for you to get it wrong.

How should you deal with lawn weeds?

So you might be asking…

How do I kill lawn weeds?

What should I use to kill weeds in my lawn?

When should I kill weeds?


How do lawn weed-killers work?

Be sure to choose the right pesticide for the application:

  • Selective herbicides kill specific plant groups – be certain you choose the correct one
  • Weed-killers typically disrupt the growing pattern of the plant causing distorted growth
  • Some block photosynthesis causing the plant to starve
  • Non-selected plant groups can metabolise the enzymes used to target the selected weeds you want to kill


Maybe you’re wondering why more people struggle with lawn weed control;

Well the answer is simple;

Professional lawn care products are only available to the professionals!

Off-the-shelf products can be OK, but they have the following considerations;

4 problems with treating your own lawn;

  • Shop bought lawn care products are relatively expensive
  • Lawn treatments can be difficult to use
  • Knowing how much product to use can be a challenge
  • It’s easy to get it wrong

So how do you get rid of weeds in lawns?

Follow these simple steps;

  • Identify the specific
    perfect lawn

    6-weeks after moss and weed treatment

    target weeds

  • Treat with a liquid weed-killer at the right application rates
  • Treat when the weeds are actively growing
  • Re-seed bare lawn areas to stop weed seeds germinating
  • Treat weeds before they flower and seed for best results
  • Use the best quality products and avoid 3 in 1 treatments that claim to weed, feed and control moss all at the same time

Want to know the legal part?

It’s illegal to ask anyone to apply pesticides to your garden unless they hold an appropriate licence

It’s more cost effective to pay a lawn care professional and achieve the best results than to do it yourself!