Killing moss, removing moss and thatch from lawns

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Lawn moss and thatch control is a major issue towards the end of winter and into spring;

You may be wondering how to kill moss and how to remove thatch from lawns;

Use a deep penetrating moss treatment to kill lawn moss
Scarify to remove moss but not grass from a lawn
Treat the lawn a second time to kill moss spores and stop moss spreading

Dealing with moss in a lawn isn’t difficult but it can be hard work. Watch this video of moss/thatch removal:

How do I deal with lawn moss

So you might be asking…

How do I kill lawn moss

What should I use to kill moss

When should I kill moss


What can you do to reduce moss in your lawn?

A moss free lawn needs you to do the following:

  • Deal with waterlogged lawns through aeration
  • Improve shaded lawns by removing overhanging branches
  • Address lawn nutrition with a professional lawn treatment plan
  • Treat for moss every year to stop it returning
lawn thatch

Scarify to remove moss and thatch

Maybe you’re wondering why more people don’t do this;

Well, the answer is simple;

Professional lawn care products are only available to the professionals!

Off-the-shelf products can be OK, but they have the following considerations;

4 problems with treating your own lawn;

  • Shop bought lawn care products are relatively expensive
  • Lawn treatments can be difficult to use
  • Knowing how much product to use can be a challenge
  • It’s easy to get it wrong

So how do you get rid of moss in lawns?

perfect lawn

6-weeks after moss removal and treatment

Follow these simple steps;

  • Identify the reasons for your mossy lawn
  • Treat moss with a liquid moss-killer and wetting agent to aid penetration
  • Remove dead moss but not grass by raking, or scarify larger lawns – it’s hard work
  • Re-seed bare lawn areas
  • Consider the best time of year to weed and feed a lawn
  • Improve lawn drainage and shade issues
  • Apply preventative moss treatments annually

Want to know the best part?

Save yourself time and money on lawn care;

It’s more cost effective to pay a lawn care professional and achieve the best results than to do it yourself!