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Perhaps you are thinking;

How do I ensure my lawn is properly maintained?

4 main reasons to mow a lawn regularly

Keeping the grass cut at the right length encourages side shoot growth
Side shoots make a dense turf lawn
Dense turf lawns have fewer patches of bald earth
Weed seeds struggle to germinate in dense lawns

With the right equipment you can have a professional looking lawn

Maybe your next question is;

What equipment do I need to achieve a professional looking lawn mow?

People who achieve professional mowing results use these 3 essential items of lawn equipment

  • A strimmer for edges and hard to reach places
  • High capacity blower to remove debris & leaves
  • A powerful mower with variable height blade, with or without a roller

Lawn Mowing Guide

One thing you might be wondering is;

How often do I need to mow my lawn?

If only the answer was that easy;

3 essential lawn mowing rules:

  • Only remove about a third of the leaf length when mowing
  • Leave the grass longer in dry hot weather and in the winter
  • Mow when the grass is dry

Perhaps you are now wondering;

3 essential lawn mowing rules

What’s the right way to go about cutting a lawn?

  • Trim the edges of the lawn first
  • Blow any debris onto the lawn
  • Deal with any worm casts before you start to mow
  • Cut at the right height with sharp blades
  • Try to vary the direction of mowing regularly

So what’s the trick?

Good quality, professional standard equipment used in the right way will give you great results

Mowing your lawn correctly and regularly is time-consuming work that’s best left to the professionals!