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Perhaps you’d like to know; Why do weeds or diseases need treating?

4 reasons weeds and diseases take hold in a lawn:

The grass is weak due to poor nutrition.
Draining issues encourage diseases to take hold and moss to grow.
Moss dies off in dry weather leaving bare soil.
Bare patches allow weed seeds space needed to germinate.

The good news is that weed and disease issues can be controlled

Maybe you’re thinking;

How can I get rid of lawn weeds or treat lawn diseases?

People who maintain a weed and disease free lawn follow these 3 easy lawn tips

  • Keep your lawn grass healthy by feeding it regularly to replace lost nutrients
  • Remove moss regularly and reseed bald patches
  • Spray weeds and diseases before they become a problem

patchy grass

You may be wondering;

Why does my lawn need to be sprayed for disease and weed problems?

If you don’t deal with these issues your lawn will suffer;

4 ways diseases and weeds affect lawns:

  • Lawn diseases kill grass plants leaving bald patches of turf
  • Weed seeds germinate in bald areas of lawn
  • Weeds plants and flowers are unattractive in a garden lawn
  • Weed seeds spread easily to other areas of the lawn and garden

Perhaps you’d like to ask;

How do I know what treatments should be used?

  • Identify what weeds or diseases are present in your lawn
  • Ensure the most appropriate herbicide treatment is used
  • Be certain the treatments are right for the lawn conditions and time of year
  • Keep a record of what you used and how effective it was

Here’s the important bit;

It’s illegal for employed gardeners to spray lawns without PA1 and PA6 certification – if in doubt, ask to see their licence

It’s cheaper and more cost effective to pay a lawn professional to treat your lawn than it is to do it yourself