Do you have a garden in Little Hampton but don’t know how to care for the lawn? Don’t have the time to keep it up yourself?

A garden is one of the most remarkable features of a house. Not only does it improve the appearance and character of your house, but it is also the area you create memories. To make these times even more special, you should take care of your lawn. If you want the greatest results, get this done by a professional.

As a result of homeowners looking for expert help, Shrekfeet provides lawn treatment services in Little Hampton.

  • Charlotte M yell - Charlotte M
    Very impressed with the knowledge imparted on our first meeting ; from then on Ian has been helpful, punctual, courteous and fair. We would recommend him with five stars.
  • Richard D trustpilot - Richard D
    Shrekfeet arrived as promised and carried out a thorough recovery job. The company is professional, polite and helpful and offers competitively priced and comprehensive services.
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    Diligent and hardworking, the team at Shrekfeet work tirelessly to ensure a great result, Ian was always happy to offer advice and guidance on our lawncare.

Looking for a lawncare professional at Litle Hampton?

Shrekfeet, a lawn treatment business in Hampshire, specializes in offering lawn treatment services in the neighboring regions, including Little Hampton.
We understand how difficult it may be to cope with a garden that hasn’t been cared for in a long time.

If you need assistance with your lawn care, contact a business like ours in Little Hampton. Shrekfeet will send specialists to your Little Hampton home to determine what’s wrong and make your landscape appear better than ever.

Needing our lawncare services in Little Hampton?

  • We are a certified company: We are certified by a number of organizations. When you pick us, you can be certain that you will get dependable services.
  • It will save you time since you will not have to labor on your garden.
  • Access to high-quality guidance and care: You may obtain complete assistance with maintaining your lawn or grass in excellent condition. Better yet, our professionals will advise you on how to maintain your garden, which equipment to use or avoid, and which materials your grass need to grow and develop properly.
  • Our services are dependable, and our clients are pleased: Our customers have all expressed satisfaction with the manner we care for their lawns.
  • Our services are of the greatest quality: All of our technicians have been trained and are very skilled at their jobs. We can provide expert lawn care at an unbeatable price.
  • We are adaptable: Our Little Hampton professionals can go practically anywhere in the Little Hampton region. Simply fill out our online estimate form and we will arrange a visit.

How costly is a lawncare service in Little Hampton?

The cost of lawn care in Little Hampton is determined by a variety of variables. Two components that influences price are lawn size and type of service needed.

Shrekfeet provides high-quality services at reasonable prices in Little Hampton. We are a recognized lawncare business, and our Little Hampton pros will make your investment worthwhile.

Shrekfeet : the lawncare treatment company you need in Little Hampton

We are a lawn care business in Little Hampton that stands out because we prioritize client happiness and go out of our way to ensure your satisfaction.

You may also get an estimate of how much our lawn care services will cost by using our measurement tool. When you engage us, we’ll contact you to arrange a free lawn survey.

We are audited annually and conform to the
Amenity Standard

Our professional lawn technicians are fully trained

Our professional lawn technicians are fully trained

Professional certification give your complete peace of mind

Professional certification give your complete peace of mind

Lawn treatments tailored to each season
Autumn Lawn Treatment Plan

As days begin to shorten the needs of your lawn still need to be addressed. At this time of year our focus is on soil health and moss prevention.

  • Specialised nutrition – strengthening leaves & cells to help with winter condition
  • Weed control – safe treatment of all lawn weeds
  • Moss prevention – controlling moss before it takes control
  • Microbial booster – feeding soil biology which will help to protect grass plants
Winter Lawn Treatment Plan

Darker days and wet, cool weather can cause lawns to struggle. Our Winter treatments help your grass make its way to Spring.

  • Two fast-acting liquid treatments
  • Moss control – dehydrates moss to prevent it taking over the lawn
  • Lawn tonic – essential winter nutrients to aid cell production and repair
  • Winter green-up – boosting your lawn’s ability to make use of low light levels
Early Spring Lawn Treatment Plan
Early Spring

Grass starts to grow sooner than most people realise. Without early nutrition, grass can become stressed and suffer from disease.

  • Controlled nutrition – released carefully over time
  • Temperature controlled – if spring is cold, nutrition is not released into the soil
  • No excess – even grass colour and growth through to mid-summer
  • No loss – controlled release nutrition won’t create environmental issues
Spring Lawn Treatment Plan

As days begin to warm, weeds can become an issue in untreated lawns. Our Spring treatment addresses lawn weed issues.

  • Safe weed control – for you, your family, your pets and wildlife
  • Safe for bees too – our plant control products are guaranteed safe for insects
  • Safe application – we always follow industry best-practice guidance
  • Effective – we will control even the most challenging weeds
Summer Lawn Treatment Plan

Hot and dry weather can be stressful for lawns. Drought-safe summer nutrition and weed control will keep your lawn looking great right through summer.

  • Feeding your soil – nurtures beneficial soil biology
  • Weed control – treatment of any lawn weeds
  • Water regulation – balanced nutrition essential for efficient water regulation
  • Bio-stimulant – fertiliser designed to provide relief to stressed lawns
Lawn Assured
UK Lawn Association
City & Guilds
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