Frost on a lawn

Why Winter Lawn Treatments are Essential

Winter lawncare is often overlooked, but it is crucial in ensuring the health and longevity of your lawn. Winter lawn treatments not only protect your grass from the harsh cold weather but also prepare it for a lush and healthy growth in the spring. In this article, we look at the importance of winter lawn […]

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Autumn leaves on lawn

Complete Guide to Lawn Leaf Care

Those wonderful autumn colours soon become a lawn nuisance. Let’s take a look at falling leaves lawn care and the troubles caused by leaves on your lawn. As the summer fades so do the leaves on deciduous trees – that’s trees that aren’t evergreens and lose their leaves every autumn. The tree begins to extract […]

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How Does Lawncare Work?

The Benefits of Professional Lawncare Most people haven’t used a qualified, professional lawncare specialist to look after the needs of their lawn. Let’s take a look at what’s involved, and how we can help achieve a lawn you can be proud of – all year round. What do we do? We are lawncare specialists – […]

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Moss in your lawn? Shrekfeet Lawncare Hampshire

Lawncare Introduction to Moss, Scarification & Aftercare

⠀ Dealing With a Mossy Lawn A lush green lawn is a source of pride for any homeowner, but when moss starts taking over, it can be a frustrating and unsightly problem. Removing moss from your lawn is essential to promote healthy grass growth and improve the overall appearance of your garden. One of the […]

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lawn grass root eating chafer grub

Chafer Grub and Leatherjacket management in domestic lawns.

Issues relating to lawn damage from populations of these damaging grubs seem to be increasing and this article sets out to understand the environmental factors influencing this and what might be done to control the problems. Lawn conditions that encourage or support grass eating grubs Moss and Thatch: It is considered that mossy lawns or […]

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Scarification. What is it and why does it matter?

A lot is said about the importance of lawn scarification as part of a regular lawncare regime. Let’s take a look at why this is so important and how to get it right. What is scarification In simple terms it is raking the surface of the lawn, vigorously. If the lawn area is relatively small, […]

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Waterlogged Lawns

When water doesn’t easily drain through the soil of your lawn it can become saturated. Let’s take a look at what to do when your lawn becomes waterlogged. Why is my lawn waterlogged? Your lawn soil should be 25% air, 25% water, 45% minerals (sand, clay etc) and 5% decomposing organic matter. This balance helps […]

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Microbial Activity

Healthy plants require healthy soil, but what does that really mean? Let’s take a look at the importance of soil fungi and bacteria and how they help your lawn to thrive. Healthy soil contains a complex mix of nutrients, moisture, insect life and also decaying plant-life and animals. Their balance is essential and their interdependent […]

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beautiful lawn

Lawn mowing made easy – or at least a little easier!

How often is lawn mowing doing more harm that you might think? Lawn mowing is one of those garden tasks that many people think they can do themselves. Some get it right and do a wonderful job; others are regularly getting it wrong. Perhaps you’d be surprised to learn how much harm you can do […]

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Killing and removing lawn moss

Killing and removing moss If you already have moss in your lawn this can be treated. Some people try this themselves with lawn-sand but the results can be hit and miss with the grass often being killed at the same time as the moss. Far better is a liquid treatment combined with a wetting agent […]

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