The Benefits of Professional Lawncare

Most people haven’t used a qualified, professional lawncare specialist to look after the needs of their lawn. Let’s take a look at what’s involved, and how we can help achieve a lawn you can be proud of – all year round.

What do we do?

We are lawncare specialists – we don’t cut hedges, we don’t cut grass, we don’t even lay turf. We are focused on delivering the right input to existing lawns, to create a healthy lawn, that can be enjoyed all year.

Our founder, Ian, has a background in agronomy. We are focused on soil science, as healthy soil grows a healthier crop. Our aim is to grow healthy, disease free, and drought resistant grass. Our lawn technicians are trained and qualified in all aspects of domestic turf-care.

Ian also sits on the committee of the UK Lawncare Association, which is about shared learning, best practice and ensuring higher levels of service in independent lawncare across the UK.

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What services do we provide?

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Our lawn technician providing friendly, expert services

Our services fall into two areas. On one side we have lawn treatments, on the other lawn renovations. If you have a lawn that is in relatively good condition, perhaps weedy, mossy, or not growing too well, then seasonal lawn treatments will give you a lawn to be proud of.

What are lawn treatments and are they safe?

Treatments typically care for nutrition, moss, and weed control. Drought stress, disease and grub damage. We also provide soil improvers and bio-boosters to improve soil microbial activity.

We usually put treatments together into a seasonal plan, to meet the exact needs of your lawn, and most of our clients choose to pay for these monthly, to spread the cost over the year.

Everything that we use in your garden is safe for everything that uses your garden. Not just you, your family, and pets, but also wildlife, birds, bees, and butterflies. Our products are government approved and we are members of the BASIS Lawn Assured scheme, monitoring best-practice.

Are treatments enough to sustain my lawn?

Lawns benefit from annual aeration. This mechanical process relieves soil compaction, creating space for roots to grow. Promoting a healthy root mass gives more access to moisture and nutrition.

How does lawncare work? Lawns that have never received professional care can often be deteriorated and benefit from lawn renovations services to kick-start their recovery. If your lawn is deteriorated, to the point where it needs some intensive professional lawncare along with treatments, then these renovations will usually be a one-off process to get your lawn back to good health, where it can then be sustained by its seasonal treatments.

Renovations typically include scarification to reduce moss, thatch, and dead grass, by power-raking this from the surface. If you then have bare areas, overseeding with more suitable grasses for your lawn environment, soil type and how you use your lawn. And top-dressing if the lawn is particularly uneven or the soil is of poor quality.


professional lawncare hampshire west-sussex surrey


Using our services

We start by measuring your lawn online. This way we can give you an indication of price, and provided you are comfortable with that, we would arrange a convenient time for your lawn survey. We don’t charge you to survey your lawn. During your survey we check the condition of the soil and measure the soil moisture levels and acidity. We check grass condition, looking for disease and any damaging lawn pests. We also offer any relevant advice on how you can achieve a lawn you can be proud of.

How our treatments plans work

On our first visit we ideally like you to be at home to meet your lawn technician. That gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns and ask any questions. For subsequent visits you don’t need to be at home provided we have access to your lawn. You receive notification from us 5 days before we are due to visit, and a reminder the day before we come.

When your technician arrives at your home, he will check in with you to see if you have lawn concerns to discuss with him. He inspects your lawn for disease and evidence of grub damage, and fully investigates any issues before applying the appropriate seasonal treatments.

We send you an email after service, confirming what we have done. If your technician has any concerns or things to bring to your attention, it will be in that email – this might be something simple, like advice on mowing height or issues with grass stress. If he has any recommendation of services to benefit your lawn health, they will be in that email too.


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