You may be wondering how to kill moss and how to remove thatch from lawns

  • Moss growth can quickly colonise a lawn if left untreated
  • The products used to treat lawn moss also bring other benefits to your lawn
  • Excessive moss can have a serious impact on the quality of your lawn
  • Moss in your lawn grass can increase the risk of pest and disease problems

Our moss control products are the most effective way to stop moss from becoming a major issue in your lawn

Perhaps you are thinking…

What will kill moss in my lawn?

When should lawn moss be treated?

Does lawn sand really work?

How often do I need to treat a mossy lawn?

How can I get rid of moss?

Lawn moss treatments briefly explained…

  • Historically lawn sand was used to control moss in lawns
  •  A more modern approach to moss treatment is to use a liquid sprayed onto the turf
  • Ferrous sulphate in lawn moss treatments will dehydrate and kill moss
  • A secondary benefit to moss treatments is improved health of lawn grasses
  • Used incorrectly, some lawn moss treatments may kill your lawn
  • Healthy lawns, receiving the right nutrition and mowed correctly will have fewer moss issues

Moss treatment before & after

Moss will be killed by the right treatment.

Is it safe to use moss control on my lawn?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. It is important to follow the instructions, or any guidance given by your lawncare provider.

What is lawn moss control made from?

Modern moss control products will contain a number of active ingredients which may include ferrous sulphate, iron sulphate, ammonium sulphate and sometime wetting agents to aid penetration into deep moss.

Is lawn sand good at controlling moss?

Lawn sand can be an effective way to treat moss in a lawn. It works very much in the same way as a liquid treatment and may also help to control broad leaf weeds. However, it can be difficult to apply and may result in scorched areas of turf and bare patches.

How often should we treat moss in lawns?

Because lawn moss has a high water content it is more obvious in damp conditions and when the sun has less heat. Therefore, we tend to see moss spread as we move into autumn, through the winter and early spring. These are the ideal times to apply moss control products to a lawn.

What are the benefits of moss control treatments?

The first and obvious benefit is that the treatment will work to dehydrate and control the growth of moss. Secondly the active ingredients will encourage a deeper green colour to your lawn, boosting the health of your turf and helping it through the darker winter months. Finally moss control products will help maintain healthy cell structures that are more resistant to winter diseases that can affect lawn turf grasses.

Does it matter if it rains after moss control has been applied?

Often the moss treatment will be more effective if the grass is already damp, or it rains when we spray this lawn treatment as moisture will help.

Professional lawn moss killer versus DIY?

As lawncare professionals we will mix other products that will benefit the lawn into the moss control treatment. This gives your grass the best chance to make it through winter healthy and free from disease. DIY products won’t have these specialist additions and will only focus on the control of moss.

Will moss killing products remove moss from a lawn?

If the lawn has a very slight moss problem then treatments alone will be enough to control this. It is however important to note that blackened moss should be removed from the lawn by scarifying with a spring tine rake or petrol scarifier. This can be a difficult job with very mossy lawns, and is best left to professionals. After the moss has been removed then consider seeding any bare areas.

How do we control lawn moss?

  • Everything we use in your garden is guaranteed to be safe for pets, people, and wildlife
  • Our Professional Lawn Treatment Plan provides multiple moss treatments each year
  • Seasonal treatments mean our plans provide maximum moss control
  • We use highly concentrated liquid moss control treatments as we have found them to be more effective than lawn sand
  • As licenced professionals we can access the best product for the job
  • We use special additives to help the moss killer penetrate deep within the moss and to build grass strength

How to correctly control lawn moss

  • Ensure environmental factors such as shade and waterlogging is addressed where possible
  • Follow mowing guidance and be certain never to mow too short
  • Deal with bare areas quickly as moss will colonise gaps in your turf
  • Aerate the lawn regularly to develop thick grass growth
  • Apply regular preventative moss treatments
  • Scarify the lawn to remove moss before it begins to build up.

Our Professional Lawn Treatment Plan is designed to deliver great results and take the strain out of caring for your lawn. All you have to do is mow and water in times of drought. We do the rest. Leave your lawn to us

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