Killing Moss on Lawns

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Our 3 Step Guide to –  Killing Moss on Lawns

We are often asked about killing moss on lawns or what is the best moss lawn killer. In this short article we give the guidance on what to do and how to do it.

Why is lawn moss a problem?

From a distance moss gives the impression of a green, lush lawn. The grass it is smothering struggles to survive, the percentage of moss in the lawn increases and the grass gradually dies away.

In the summer months and you’ll soon see the problem as moss dries out and dies in dry, warm summer weather. At the height of summer, when you want to be enjoying your garden at its best, you are left with brown, scorched areas of lawn

Here’s the good news…

  • Spring is the ideal time for dealing with moss issues.
  • Dealing with a mossy lawn is relatively simple

You might be wondering why you have a mossy lawn.

Mowing too short, too infrequently or not following the correct mowing height for the time of year can be a big contributor to moss growth.

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Poor nutrition, weak and gappy grass leaves room for moss to take hold

Shaded lawns with overhanging trees and shrubs are more likely to suffer with moss

Compacted lawns with poor drainage and root development will be more mossy

waterlogged lawn

Killing and removing moss – 3 simple steps

  1. Kill the moss – Some people try this  with lawn-sand but the results can be hit and miss with the grass often being killed at the same time as the moss. We recommend a liquid treatment combined with a wetting agent that helps penetrate deep into the thick matting of moss.
  2. Once the moss has been killed it’s time to remove it. A petrol-driven scarifier is essential for this job unless you are a lover of raking. Get the dead moss out and reduce thatch at the same time. Scarification rakes the surface of the lawn with spinning blades, removes thatch and opens up the surface of the lawn
  3. Scarification creates ideal surface conditions for over-seeding. Adding new grass seeds to your existing lawn and helping to blend areas of weak growth into other areas of your lawn more naturally.

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Planning ahead is the way to create superb outdoor spaces you can enjoy all year. Now is the time to treat lawn moss problems, if you don’t want to do this yourself call in the professionals and get on top of that moss problem before it’s too late.

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