When and how to top dress a lawn

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Why you would top-dress a lawn can be confusing

What are the 3 reasons for carrying out top-dressing?

Top-dressing a lawn can help to even out bumps and humps
Top-dressing helps with lawn condition and creates a good seedbed
Compost based dressings will massively boost microbial activity and soil health

Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it?

But perhaps you’re thinking;

When should I top-dress my lawn?

How much top-dressing should I use?

Do I need to seed after top-dressing?

When should I top-dress my lawn?

Successful top-dressing follows these basic rules

  • Soil conditions must be right – not too wet for lawn work, not too cold for grass to grow
  • Early or late in the growing season is the best time to top-dress a lawn
  • Don’t top-dress in the summer or late spring if the weather is dry
  • Use a good quality dressing from a reputable supplier

Top-dressing is usually done at the same time of year as seeding


Here’s the good news

Most poor condition lawns can be renovated with top-dressing followed by re-seeding or over-seeding!

So why is top dressing so important?

3 reasons your lawn needs top-dressing:

  • Over time lawn soil can loose condition resulting in poor grass growth
  • Compost dressing is high in carbon – essential for soil microbes
  • Levelling the lawn with dressing gives you a better mower cut

Follow this guide to top-dressing your lawn

  • Measure your lawn to calculate how many square meters it is
  • Choose the type of dressing for your lawn soil type
  • Buy dressing from a good supplier who will deliver to your home
  • Use the right amount, too much is bad too!
  • Apply around 5kg per square meter
  • After applying the dressing go over the surface with a drag mat

The truth of the matter is

Top dressing is extremely beneficial but also extremely hard work!

It’s easier and cheaper to ask a lawn care professional to improve your existing lawn than it is to re-turf!