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Most people know that to remain healthy all living things need the right nutrition plus protection against infection and disease

So what are the 3 rules to lawn nutrition and feeding your lawn

Understand the difference between Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus and why each is essential for your lawn
Apply the right amount of fertiliser at the right time of year
Too much fertiliser is as bad as too little

Lawn nutrition is a complex topic

Maybe you’re wondering…

What fertiliser is right for my lawn?

How do I fertilise my lawn?

How often should I use lawn food?

What lawn food is the best?

How difficult is it to get my lawn treatment right?

Successful treatment depends on;

  • Understanding the nutritional needs of your lawn
  • Don’t use the same fertiliser all year round – plants need different nutrition in the spring, summer and autumn
  • Remember that winter nutrition is essential for a healthy lawn
  • Apply the right quantity of fertiliser with professional equipment – and calibrate it too!
  • Ensure you don’t overlap or miss areas otherwise your lawn will look terrible

Surely it’s not difficult to do it yourself?

Here’s the bad news;

The most effective lawn treatments are not available to you!

Why can’t you get access to the best lawn care products?

3 reasons for limited access to the best lawn treatment products

  • Professional products are typically only available to professionals
  • Buying professional grade products often means you must buy in bulk quantities
  • Retail lawn feed is developed for amateur use meaning there is less chance of getting things wrong but less chance of professional results

What’s the professional approach to lawn nutrition;

  • Coated, pelleted fertiliser gives a gradual release of nutrients
  • Supplement granulated fertiliser with liquid foliar feed as required
  • Avoid under or over-dosing
  • Always apply measured quantities with quality equipment
  • Use nitrogen for leaf growth in the growing months
  • Apply potassium and phosphorous for hardy growth and root development
  • Use the right nutritional balance for the right time of year
  • Quality product/equipment reduces the risk of getting it wrong

It’s really important to remember;

It is often cheaper to pay for professional lawn care than it is to buy the products yourself

You get professional results when a lawn care professional treats your lawn with professional product!