Help your lawn through periods of drought

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Long periods of hot, dry weather cause major stress issues for lawns;

You may be wondering how to help your lawn through a drought;

Water is essential to stop grass from dying
Grass should be left longer to help catch any night-time dew
Apply wetting agents to make water more effective and reduce costs

Its far more cost effective to prevent drought damage than to renovate a dead lawn.

But perhaps you are thinking…

How often should I water my lawn?

How much does it costs to water my lawn?

How can I reduce the watering costs?

How do lawn wetting agents work?

How much does it cost to water my lawn ?

The estimated cost for watering your lawn is: £

* Please note rates are subject to change. This tool is to be used for indicative purposes only.

How should I water my lawn?

In periods of drought lawn grass will die without water:

  • Use a sprinkler to water your lawn – you’ll be bored of holding the hose before it’s had enough!
  • Place a container on the lawn and time how long your sprinkler takes to fill half an inch of water
  • Each time you water set a timer so you know when the lawn has had half an inch of water
  • Give half an inch of water once a week to stop grass from dying (this will not green up your lawn)
  • Water your lawn early morning to reduce the risk of virus attack on wet grass over night

Maybe you’re wondering;  ‘how much will it cost to water my lawn?’;

Well the answer is simple;

Giving a 100m2 lawn half an inch of water costs around £2.50!

Can you really afford not to keep your lawn grass alive?

3 reasons to water your lawn;

  • Grass will initially brown in periods of drought as the moisture is withdrawn from the leaf
  • Prolonged drought and high temperature will kill grass if not watered
  • It is far cheaper to regularly water your lawn than to pay to have it repaired!

How do lawn wetting agents work and why use them?

  • Prolonged hot dry weather affects the soil’s ability to absorb and retain water
  • The technical term is hydrophobic soil
  • Wetting agents help to address hydrophobic soil and encourage water to remain in the root-zone
  • More water in the root-zone means less water wastage
  • Wetting agents help the soil to retain more moisture making watering or rain more effective
  • Wetting agents reduce the costs associated with keeping your lawn alive

Want to know the most important part?

Water is an essential life source, without it things die!

Speak to a lawn-care professional about using wetting agents to reduce the stress and impact of heat and drought!