Our Moneyback Guarantee

“We guarantee that we’ll work hard and in partnership with you, so that you’ll never have to use our moneyback peace of mind guarantee. Our employees are empowered and will do whatever it takes, as part of your program, to guarantee your satisfaction. We have never had an issue when the homeowner does their part. There is no better guarantee available in lawncare today – guaranteed.”

Ian Kenyon – founder and owner, Shrekfeet Professional Lawncare

We guarantee that…

  • You can cancel your services at any time – people’s circumstances change and we understand this
  • Everything we use in your garden is safe for everything that uses your garden – including bees and butterflies
  • We will keep you fully informed at all times – our Before Service Emails will tell you when we are due to visit, what we are going to do and who is coming. Our After Service Email will confirm our visit date and time and what we did whilst we were at your property. It will also bring to your attention anything additional that we feel you need to know about and should act on
  • Our Lawncare Technicians are fully trained and licenced for the services they are carrying out for you
  • We will treat you and your home with respect – we will treat your property with care, work in a tidy way and leave things better than we found them
  • Our technicians will always be in uniform and our vehicles always branded – we will be easy to recognise so you know who is at your home
  • To make a difference and improve your lawn – our services, coupled with our guidance and your support will provide you with a lawn you can be proud of
  • To follow industry best practice guidelines for the safe use of all products we use in your garden
  • If you are not entirely happy, we will do all we can to change that – providing a great customer experience is at the top of our list
  • We are fully insured – we use the NFU for our insurance as they are the best provider around. If we cause a problem, we will put that right

Please note that the only time our guarantee will not apply is if your lawn has detrimental levels of thatch or compaction or if you have not followed the recommendations provided to you by your Lawn Technician following our visits.

Our Seeding Guarantee

We conduct trials and test of all seeds available in the market and we select the seed blends that perform the best for the areas in which we operate.

Our seed is 100% certified to have the following…

  • Quicker germination
  • More disease resistance
  • Greener growth
  • Deeper roots
  • Denser plants
  • Better drought resistance

We apply our seed at the correct rates and the correct time of year for best germination results. It is your responsibility to ensure the seed is watered regularly to ensure germination. We will leave you with an after-care guide once seeding is complete. Remember, if it dries it dies! You must keep new seed watered. You must also ensure seed it not taken by birds. We apply plenty to ensure if some is taken, enough is left. We will give you guidance on how to keep birds from taking seeds.

Following a lawn renovation we will return to inspect progress and, if needed, re-apply seed free of further charges.

Our seed is guaranteed viable. What we can’t guarantee is the weather following application or your diligence in watering the seed. Water it and it will grow!

*If you consider a lawn treatment to have been ineffective that must be reported to our office, by email, no later than 4 weeks following application. Otherwise, the seasonal changes may mean that we are unable to repeat the treatment. We cannot be held responsible for lawn damage caused by chafer grubs or leather jackets, for which there is currently no licenced controls available. We cannot be held responsible for lawn damage caused by fungal outbreaks such as Red Thread or Fusarium Patch, as usually once this has happened, it is too late to prevent damage occurring. If your lawn is affected with any of these issues, let us know and we will work with you to put in place a plan for damage recovery and future prevention.

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