Why do I need a lawn makeover?

  • Over time lawns can deteriorate and need renovation work to avoid total replacement
  • Following times of drought stress many lawns will not recover without some renovation work
  • Some lawns have a large population of weed grasses or challenging lawn weeds that need to be controlled before renovation can start
  • Lawn makeovers are usually far more affordable than a complete lawn replacement with new turf
  • A lawn makeover can be easier to manage for larger lawns with restrictions on irrigation

Renovating your lawn is an essential process to maintain long-term health and reduce the need for re-turfing a completely deteriorated lawn

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How is a lawn makeover different to a lawn renovation?

When is the best time to carry this work out?

How long will it be before I have a lush, green lawn?

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Lawn renovation work briefly explained…

  • An application of a total vegetation control to kill all green plants in the lawn
  • Aeration will relive lawn compaction, creating space in the soil for roots of the new grass seed to develop
  • Heavy, fixed-blade scarification opens up the surface of the soil ready for re-seeding
  • Re-seeding, directly into the soil, introduces modern plant varieties that can be greener, deeper rooted, more drought and disease resistant and harder wearing.
  • Top-dressing helps to create ideal growing environments and boosts essential soil biology
  • Specialist treatments for nutrition, drought management and lawn diseases can also be applied
  • An application of wetting agent helps to make water more effective by keeping it in the root zone
  • Once the new grass plants are established, we then begin the control of any weed plants still present

Total eradication of all plants is the essential first step

Why is a lawn makeover important?

Sometimes lawns have deteriorated so much that they need replacement. Re-turfing a lawn is a difficult and expensive process. Working with what is already in place causes less disruption and is often more affordable than turfing.

Is lawn renovation useful for a dead or dry lawn?

During times of drought stress grass will die back. Some grass may recover but in the meantime many weeds will have taken advantage of the dry conditions to colonise the lawn. Weeds and weed grasses can take hold in the lawn and these are often difficult to deal with. A lawn make-over will address these issues. Following drought is an ideal time to renovate a lawn rather than expensive re-turfing

How is a lawn make-over different to a renovation?

It’s a more intensive process. It involves killing all green vegetation in the lawn area before work begins. It also does away with all existing grasses meaning we can choose a seed mix that’s ideal for your lawn area and how you want to use it.

When is the best time to carry out a lawn make-over?

Provided you are able to water, then this work can be completed at any time of year provided that the soil temperature is over 8 degrees. This is essential for grass to germinate. If your lawn is too large to water, then this work should be completed in the autumn when soil is warm, and rain guaranteed.

How long until I have a green, lush lawn?

Establishment of your new lawn will be dependant on the weather conditions. New grass seed needs warmth and moisture to germinate and grow. Once germination, regular mowing will be essential to encourage a lush, thick lawn. Typically, given the correct after care and favourable weather conditions your lawn will be ready for use after no more than four weeks.

Why is seeding better than turfing a lawn?

Firstly, turfing is far more expensive. The old lawn needs to be lifted and removed from site. Lifting a lawn is hard work and waste disposal is expensive. Next you need to bring new turf to site and often that turf is bringing with it pests like leather jackets or chafer grubs which turf-growers can no longer kill due to the withdrawal of control products. These are pests that you don’t want to risk bringing into your garden.

What are the benefits of top-dressing my lawn?

The addition of a top dressing to your lawn can carry different benefits depending on the type of dressing used. Our compost-based dressing is very high in carbon content and composted organic matter. This brings a huge boost in soil microbial activity, due to the presence of beneficial bacteria and fungi in the lawn dressing. This microbial activity helps to break down organic matter in your lawn, releasing macro and micro-nutrients which benefit the health of your grass plants. It also reduces the risk of thatch build-up in the future.

Will top-dressing level my lawn?

Top-dressing will certainly help but it won’t level a very uneven lawn. Once applied we use a drag—mat on the lawn. This knocks the dressing off high points and drops it into hollows which will reduce the appearance of some unevenness. Regular top-dressing will certainly improve lawn levels over time.

How do we renovate your lawn?

  • We assess the area and make detailed recommendations of the processes required
  • We treat the whole are to kill all plants present
  • 10 days later we return to carry out the lawn makeover
  • We use specialist, heavy-duty equipment designed to deliver great results
  • We aim to complete most lawn renovations in the same day which minimises interruption to the property owner
  • We select the ideal seed blend for the area to be renovated
  • We provide multiple follow-up visits to assess progress and add further seed if needed
  • Once the new grass is established we then begin the control of any weed plants that may have germinated after the renovation was completed
  • We provide you with detailed after-care information to get great results

Our professional lawn renovations deliver great results and take the strain out of caring for your lawn. All you have to do is mow and water in times of drought. We do the rest. Leave your lawn to us

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