Scarification. What is it and why does it matter?

A lot is said about the importance of lawn scarification as part of a regular lawncare regime. Let’s take a look at why this is so important and how to get it right. What is scarification In simple terms it is raking the surface of the lawn, vigorously. If the lawn area is relatively small, […]

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Lawn Damage by Leather Jackets, Daddy Long Legs and Crane Fly

Most of us know what a Daddy Long-leg looks like. This flying insect is harmless enough, but the larvae that comes before it is a major lawn pest. Let’s take a look at dealing with Leather Jackets in your lawn. Lifecycle of a cranefly Before it becomes a flying insect, the crane fly is a […]

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Waterlogged Lawns

When water doesn’t easily drain through the soil of your lawn it can become saturated. Let’s take a look at what to do when your lawn becomes waterlogged. Why is my lawn waterlogged? Your lawn soil should be 25% air, 25% water, 45% minerals (sand, clay etc) and 5% decomposing organic matter. This balance helps […]

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Microbial Activity

Healthy plants require healthy soil, but what does that really mean? Let’s take a look at the importance of soil fungi and bacteria and how they help your lawn to thrive. Healthy soil contains a complex mix of nutrients, moisture, insect life and also decaying plant-life and animals. Their balance is essential and their interdependent […]

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