How Does Lawncare Work?

The Benefits of Professional Lawncare Most people haven’t used a qualified, professional lawncare specialist to look after the needs of their lawn. Let’s take a look at what’s involved, and how we can help achieve a lawn you can be proud of – all year round. What do we do? We are lawncare specialists – […]

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Over-Seeding – Knowing the best for your lawn

Which lawn grass is best? How is your lawn looking? If it’s not great, then understanding the reasons behind that is important to its improvement. Perhaps it could have more to do with the grass type than how the grass is cared for. Most people assume grass is just grass and give little thought to […]

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Moss in your lawn? Shrekfeet Lawncare Hampshire

Lawncare Introduction to Moss, Scarification & Aftercare

⠀ Dealing With a Mossy Lawn A lush green lawn is a source of pride for any homeowner, but when moss starts taking over, it can be a frustrating and unsightly problem. Removing moss from your lawn is essential to promote healthy grass growth and improve the overall appearance of your garden. One of the […]

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Autumn Lawn Repair

Is your lawn looking as good as it should be for the middle of summer? Let’s look at some of the common problems and how to deal with them. You really should be enjoying your garden to the full at this time of year. The days are long, the weather is warm and your garden […]

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Aerate your lawn

Lawn Aeration made easy with our step by step guide

Holey Moley – Let’s look at the importance of lawn aeration… We mostly judge our lawns by the appearance of their leaves. Let’s take a moment to consider the importance of the soil structure in the health of your lawn. Within the soil, a network of roots not only anchors the plant, but also acts […]

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Aerate your lawn

9 Spring Lawn Care Essentials

As days lengthen, we venture outside and begin to notice how our lawns look. Many lawns struggle a little over the winter. Let’s look at what can be done now to get your lawn ready for a beautiful summer 1 – Moss Moss in itself isn’t a problem. It’s green and soft under foot. Nice […]

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grass seed

Seeding after moss removal

Over-seeding after moss removal After you have killed and removed moss from your lawn the final process is over-seeding – introducing new, healthy grass plants to in-fill the gaps left by the moss that’s been removed, creating a stronger, healthier lawn that’s more capable of dealing with the challenges nature throws at it. Scarification creates […]

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