Fungi and Disease

So, your lawn was looking lovely. You admired it only a few days ago. Freshly mowed, lovely and green. What more could you want? Suddenly you notice something’s not quite right. The grass is changing colour… in a day or two and things look considerably worse – now you’re getting worried! Let’s take a look […]

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Lawn Ants

Lawn ants can be a real nuisance, let’s take a look at what can be done to reduce their numbers. Ants, like bees, live in a colony. An ant colony is made up of one or more fertile, egg-laying females and many hundreds, if not thousands of worker ants. The job of the queen, once […]

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Lawn weed control can be challenging, let’s understand why.

When I first began studying plant science I remember a tutor asking me; ‘Kenyon, when is a daffodil a weed’? The answer it seemed was simpler than I knew at the time. Weeds can be described as any plant growing in an area where it is not wanted. If that daffodil is in your rose-bed […]

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beautiful lawn

Lawn mowing made easy – or at least a little easier!

How often is lawn mowing doing more harm that you might think? Lawn mowing is one of those garden tasks that many people think they can do themselves. Some get it right and do a wonderful job; others are regularly getting it wrong. Perhaps you’d be surprised to learn how much harm you can do […]

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