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I think you’ll agree that a well-mown lawn is pleasing to the eye

The 3 main rules when mowing your lawn

Vary the mowing height depending on the time of year and rate of growth
Try not to ‘scalp’ your lawn – if it’s too long then reduce it slowly
Ensure your mower blade is sharp – always, not just once a year!

The truth is, lawn mowing isn’t difficult;

Perhaps you’re asking…

How short can I cut my lawn?

How often should I mow a lawn?

Can I mow wet grass?


Why do so many people get lawn mowing wrong?

What are the most common mowing mistakes?

  • Mowing too short can encourage moss growth
  • Removing too much leaf at once shocks and weakens your grass
  • Weak grass is susceptible to pests and diseases causing die-back

lawn edging

So why don’t more people do this?

The answer really is quite simple

Lawn mowing is hard work and time-consuming!

So what are the main reasons for people not maintaining a great lawn?

4 most common reasons for poor lawn mowing

  • Too many time pressures to cut the lawn frequently
  • Poor quality lawn mower with blunt mower blades
  • Always mowing in the same direction at the same height
  • Neglecting to mow then mowing too short


So what do the professionals do?

  • Start with trimming the lawn edges for a neat finish
  • Remove all leaves and other vegetation that shouldn’t be on the lawn
  • Blow all the debris onto the lawn ready for mowing
  • Deal with any worm casts before mowing
  • Use a good quality lawn mower
  • Ensure the lawnmower blades are sharp so as not to damage the grass leaf
  • Alternate mow directions to prevent ruts and get a cleaner cut
  • Consider the weather conditions and mow at the right height
  • Try not to remove more than a third of the leaf each time you mow

Want to know the best part?

When you work out the cost of your time and maintaining a mower;

It’s more cost effective to pay a lawn care professional and achieve the best results than it is to do it yourself!