Dealing with lawn ant problems

Lawn ant problems fall into 3 main groups

Stings from red lawn ants
Uneven lawns from ant nests
Ant hills cause mowing issues

Sounds annoying doesn’t it?

Maybe you are thinking

How do I get rid of ants in my lawn? Why have I got ants in my lawn? Can I kill lawn ants? How do I repair lawn ant damage?

What can I do about lawn ants?

Lawn ants are more of a nuisance than destructive. Here’s some facts:

  • Ants live in a colony of one egg-laying queen and many worker ants
  • Once mated the queen lives in a chamber deep underground and never again emerges
  • Treatment is only effective deep underground
  • Unless you kill the queen then the colony will continue to function

Perhaps you are thinking that this sounds more complex than you initially thought

Well here’s the low down

To kill lawn ants you need specialist insecticide

So why do many people leave this to the professionals?

The 3 main reasons to ask a professional to deal with your lawn ant problem

  • Surface treatment will only kill worker ants and not the egg-laying queen
  • The products used to kill ants deep in lawns are only available to professionals
  • Pesticides must be used in the right quantity, at the right time if you expect the right results

Why are lawn ants a problem?

  • Ants build their nests underground and in doing so bring soil to the surface
  • Ant nest soil makes lawns uneven and increases mowing problems
  • Some UK ants bite and sting with formic acid which can be very unpleasant
  • Lawn ants detract from you enjoying your lawn to the full
  • Once ants begin to colonise your lawn it is likely that their numbers will increase each year unless treated
  • Remember that if the person treating your lawn isn’t licenced then they aren’t legal – and neither are you!

It’s not as easy as sprinkling some powder on top of the nest;

Save yourself time and save money and still have a lawn to be proud of

Use a professional lawn care specialist who knows what to do to make your lawn resistant to pests and diseases

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