Dealing with a lawn damaged by pets

Typical dog damage includes:

Dog urine scorch/dead patches
Digging holes/damaged turf
Uneven growth from faeces fertilisation

Not really ideal if you want a beautiful lawn.

So, you’re probably wondering…

Why is my dog digging up my lawn? How can I prevent my dog from digging up the lawn? What can I do to prevent dog urine burning my lawn? Why is my lawn growth patchy? Why is your grass growth uneven?

What can I do to stop my dog digging up the lawn?

Dogs dig for a number of reasons

  • Dogs often have a favourite area to dig – cover the area with chicken wire to stop this
  • Dogs are inquisitive and want to see what’s in the soil – give them toys to entertain them
  • Dogs dig to bury things like toys and bones – distract them when they start to dig
  • When they are bored dogs dig to entertain themselves – try to keep them entertained in other ways

Maybe you’re wondering what you can do to repair a damaged lawn.

Well, the answer is relatively simple;

If your dog is damaging your lawn first try to correct the behaviour and then repair the damage in the right way – contract us to find out how

Reasons why dog waste causes uneven grass growth;

  • Nitrogen nutrition helps grass grow
  • One form of nitrogen is urea
  • Dog urine is high in urea
  • Dog faeces will also act as plant nutrition
  • Areas where your dog poops & pees get more nutrition than the rest of your lawn
  • These areas will grow more quickly

Dog urine burns lawns because it is high is salts and salt will kill plants

Follow these simple steps;

  • Walk your dog regularly and encourage it to poop on its walk
  • Clear up dog poop regularly before it has time to fertilise the grass
  • Keep your dog occupied with toys to discourage digging
  • Train your dog to pee in the same place – a peeing post is a good idea
  • If you catch your dog digging then discipline it
  • Repair dog damage quickly before it becomes worse

Want to know the best part?

If your lawn already has dog damage or damage from other pets we can repair it.

It’s more cost effective to pay a lawn care professional and achieve the best results than to do it yourself!

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