Turfing or Seeding a Lawn

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Sometimes it seems that a lawn in such poor condition it needs to be re-turfed

3 things to think about before replacing a lawn

Are the conditions suitable for growing healthy grass
Should I re-turf or re-seed
What is the alternative to completely replacing my lawn

Do you know the answer to your turf questions?

How do I lay turf?

Can I re-seed my lawn?

How easy is it to make a new lawn?

How long will it take for my new lawn to grow?

Is seeding cheaper than turfing?

Most lawns can be repaired and do not need to be re-turfed

Why should I replace my old lawn?

The main reasons for replacing your lawn include

  • The existing lawn is very patchy & bald
  • Lawn moss is stopping grass growth
  • Most of the grass is dead already
patchy lawn

If your lawn looks like this it doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced

Here’s the important thing:

It may not be as bad as you think;

Most established lawns can be greatly improved without the need to replace the turf

4 simple tips to improve your existing lawn

  • Treat weeds and moss with professional products
  • Remove dead plants and thatch by raking or scarification
  • Improve drainage and aeration by spiking the turf
  • Top-dress and then over-seed the lawn

Perhaps you want to know how to replace a lawn that can’t be improved

  • Remove the existing lawn completely
  • Prepare the site correctly with a rake to make a seedbed
  • Ensure it is level and fertilised
  • Select a grass variety suitable for your site and the best quality seed you can afford
  • If turfing then choose a reputable supplier of garden turf
  • Install the turf correctly or seed at the right quantity and water as required – if it dries, it dies!

You might be wondering:

Can I really be bothered to do all this work myself?

If you want professional results from your new lawn project it’s worth employing a professional service and achieving a great lawn