Killing and removing moss

If you already have moss in your lawn this can be treated. Some people try this themselves with lawn-sand but the results can be hit and miss with the grass often being killed at the same time as the moss. Far better is a liquid treatment combined with a wetting agent that helps penetrate deep into the thick matting of moss. Ensure your lawn has the correct nutritional plan in place, so it’s receiving the right nutrients at the right time of year. Healthy grass, like healthy people, is in a better position to fight off invaders.

Scarify to remove moss

Once the moss has been killed it’s time to remove it. This can be hard work over a large area where a petrol-driven scarifier is essential equipment for the job. It’s time consuming and pretty hard work but it’s important to get the dead moss out and will reduce thatch at the same time. Scarification vigorously rakes the surface of the lawn with spinning blades. These blades rip out moss and thatch and open up the surface of the lawn.

after moss removal

8 weeks after moss removal



Top-dressingTop dressing ready for spreading

It’s often beneficial to top-dress your lawn after scarification. This addition of a special mixture of sand and sifted soil helps to level uneven hollows in the lawn surface, improves soil structure, drainage and helps the general health of the lawn.