We work hard to keep to schedule and we are really sorry if we didn’t make it to you when we said we would. Occasionally our technicians get delayed. This could be by weather, equipment failure, a road traffic delay or a personal matter which means they were unable to complete visits.

There is no need to call or email us to notify us of this failed visit as our customer management system knows what appointments are due and when they are not completed as planned. We will notify you of the failed appointment by email and reschedule your visit as soon as possible. We will notify you by email when that next visit is due.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we are very sorry if this missed visit cause you any inconvenience

If you have recently joined us as a customer, it can take a little time to see improvement in your lawn. Treatments for weed control can take up to 14 days before you see evidence of weeds beginning to die – sometimes you will see a growth spurt first. Nutrition should begin to improve your lawn after 2 weeks but does need warmth and moisture, so if it is cold or dry, please be patient as your treatments will become effective as the weather improves.

If your concerns are something else then please get in touch by email, providing us with some photos of your concerns so we can diagnose the problem as quickly as possible.

Rain soon after a visit will only ever be an issue for the application of weed control or fungicides. Our specialist lawn treatments are designed to be ‘rain fast’ very soon after application and therefore should still be effective after a rain shower. It’s essential that we don’t over-dose your lawn and therefore we request that you allow 14 days after treatment before contacting us again if the treatment appears to have been ineffective.

What you need to do before we visit depends on the nature of our visit. Full details will be provided on your visit notification email .

What you need to do after we visit depends on the nature of our visit. Full details will be provided on your visit notification email .

We are really sorry to hear that you are unhappy and treat this very seriously. We will work hard to put right anything that we can but to do so need full details of your concerns. Please email us and we will investigate this issue and come back to you as quickly as possible. Please allow us two full working days from the time of your email to look into the issues you are concerned about before we get back to you.

It can be frustrating waiting for seed to grow. Our grass seed is guaranteed viable when sown. It is essential that it is not allowed to dry out and it will of course need to be warm to germinate. 95% of the time when we investigate seed germination issues the seed can be seen germinating. Our advice is to get down on the surface of the lawn and look very carefully for tiny green shoots. If you can’t see any 30 days after the seed was sown, then please email us to raise your concerns.

If your lawn has suddenly died off this could well be an indication of insect damage and will need further investigation. Email us to raise your concerns and we will investigate the problem further.

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