We will always send you a before-service email 5 days in advance, and a reminder the day before. As lawncare is a seasonal service, we visit typically 5 times a year to treat your lawn, but this can vary if you have additional services. Please email us at lawns@shrekfeet.com for advice on your next treatment visit.

By clicking the link ‘view/pay my invoice’ found in your after-service email, you can access your customer portal to download the relevant invoice.

Many of the products we use to improve your lawn are only available to lawn care professionals. Often it’s cheaper to pay a professional than buy the products yourself.

Absolutely, everything we use to improve your lawn is fully tested and licenced.

Weed control and nutrition will make an obvious impression within ten days. Major renovation works can take longer.

We always contact you ahead of our visits, however there is no need to stay home, we have all we need in our van – even tea and biscuits!

We guarantee, that if you follow our advice, you will have a beautiful lawn you will proud of.

Yes, wait for any treatment to dry first though.

Our Autopay system saves you the trouble of sending cheques or paying on the day we visit.

Indeed we are. All our Lawn Technicians are fully qualified and certified by City and Guilds.

Our Professional Lawn Care Plan will address the specific needs of your lawn Recommendations will be discussed in detail when we survey your lawn.

You will see the results of lawn treatments within 10 days of our visit.

We are very experienced and use the best equipment. We can work quickly and achieve great results. We always encourage our customers to think of the results rather than the time taken to achieve them. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

As often as it needs it depending on the rate of growth- ask for a copy of our mowing guide.

All plants need water. If we are in a period of drought watering is important – ask for our watering guide and ask about ‘Drench’ our water reduction treatment.

All our notifications are sent via our management system; realgreen.com. 


Please add lawns@shrekfeet.com to your safe sender list, usually found in your junk email options.

We are Lawncare Specialists, which means our sole focus is on treating lawns, developing healthy soil, and creating a lawn that you can be proud of. We work in partnership with you, allowing you to take care of watering and mowing. 

We do not lay turf. Although, you may find that renovating your lawn with us may be a more cost-effective method to restore your lawn. 

We will always contact you in advance if we ever need to change your visit date due to poor weather conditions. Please remember that we are experts in what we do – we will not treat your lawn if we deem the current weather conditions to be unsuitable. 

Please do not mow your lawn 3 days before or after a treatment. This allows the time for your treatment to be effective. The only exception to this would be if we are coming to renovate your lawn. 

The answer to this varies depending on the time of year. Please remember that all lawns are different, and some may grow quicker than others depending on the surrounding environment. This is recommended weekly between spring-autumn, and you should never cut more than 1/3 off the current height each cut. Ask for our mowing guide for more advice. 

Our professional quality lawn weed control products may well still be effective following rain. To avoid over-dosing your lawn we ask that you wait at least 2 weeks following application. If you feel the treatment has not been effective after this period of time please email some pictures of the remaining weeds to lawns@shrekfeet.com 

Everything we use in your garden is safe for everything that uses your garden – including your pets. We like to avoid any risk of animals reducing the effects of weed control by wiping from the weed leaf before it has had time to dry (dogs rolling on lawns for example) Therefore it’s a good idea to give the product time to dry if you can. Moss control products may stain and therefore should be allowed to dry before doggy footprints end up on patios. 

We advise to keep grazing animals off the lawn for 3 weeks. If your animals are used to free-range grazing, ensure they have access to alternative food sources during the waiting period to discourage them from consuming grass from treated areas. 

We are always happy to reschedule visits that may not be convenient, however we do ask in our terms of business that you make this request outside of a 3-day window prior to visit date. However, if we receive a notification to reschedule your visit within 3 days of the planned date this does not always give us time to adjust the technician schedule, and as that time has been allocated to your visit, we reserve the right to make a charge equal to 50% of the visit cost. We don’t want to charge for failed visits so do encourage you to notify us within plenty of time.  

Achieving a great lawn can take time and consistent effort, and the exact timeframe can vary depending on the current condition of your lawn, the type of grass you have, climate conditions, and the level of care you provide for your lawn. 

If your lawn has become rather deteriorated, it can take anywhere from a few months to a full growing season (typically one year) to see significant improvements in your lawn’s health and appearance. However, achieving a truly great lawn is an ongoing process of consistent care and maintenance. 

Remember, each lawn is unique, and the time it takes to achieve your desired results may vary. It’s essential to set realistic expectations and enjoy the journey of nurturing your lawn as it transforms into a beautiful and healthy outdoor space. Professional lawncare is a little like a visit to the GP. We will recommend all that is needed for your lawn’s good health. If these recommendations are followed then the lawn will improve more quickly. 


We provide seasonal lawn treatment along with cultural work and lawn renovations. The exact frequency of visits will depend on the requirements of your lawn and what you are hoping to achieve. We visit seasonally throughout the year with a range of treatments and services provided by our professional lawn technicians. 

This will differ based on the size of your lawn and the treatments your lawn receives in a year. To find out how much our lawncare will cost, use our handy online enquiry form and a member of our friendly team will call you back to provide specialist lawncare advice and the prices. 

The frequency of watering your lawn depends on several factors, including the type of grass, climate, soil conditions, and the time of year.  

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to water thoroughly and less frequently rather than little and often. This encourages the grass roots grow deeper, making the lawn more drought resistant.

Read more about lawn drought management here www.shrekfeet.com/lawn-care/drought-management

Treating a fungal infection in your lawn is best done when the conditions are most favourable for effective control. The timing of treatment will depend on the specific type of fungal infection and your local climate. In general, the best time to treat a fungal infection in your lawn is during the active growing season for the grass and when weather conditions are conducive to fungal development. 

We can provide personalised recommendations based on your lawn’s condition and the prevalent fungal diseases. Remember that prevention is often better than cure, so maintaining good lawn care practices can go a long way in reducing the risk of diseases. 

Read more about lawn diseases and fungal attacks here www.shrekfeet.com/lawn-care/lawn-diseases-and-fungal-attacks

If you are an existing customer, we will be happy to assess your lawn to see what recommendations can be made to address the issues you are finding in your lawn.

In the first instance please email some images of the problem area to lawns@shrekfeet.com 

Please refer to your before-service email to find out when we are due to visit. These are sent out 5 days in advance, and a reminder the day before we are due. If you haven’t received that email then your visit is outside of that 5 day window. 

We don’t need you to be at home when we visit if we have access. Please be aware that rearranging a visit date may result in a delay of up to 14 days. If you want to rearrange please email to notify us of your availability at lawns@shrekfeet.com.

Our schedules sometimes change throughout the day, so we try to avoid giving visit times. If you need to know the time you can contact us by email on the day of your visit and we will try to give you a 3-hour window.

Please complete our contact form, providing detail of the payment issue. Once we have had the opportunity to investigate this we will respond in full.

This could be related to grass seed germination or establishment. Please note that we will monitor the progress of your lawn renovation each time your lawn technician visits. If we have any concerns they will be addressed as soon as conditions allow. 


You can easily find this information by logging into your online account via this link www.lawngateway.com/shrekfeet

The best time to seed a lawn is in the autumn when soil is warm, and rain is on the way. If you are able to water your lawn then it can be seeded at any time of year. Learn more about our lawn renovation work here www.shrekfeet.com/why-renovate-your-lawn

The best time to scarify, also known as dethatching or power-raking, depends on the type of grass you have and your local climate. 

Spring scarification helps your lawn recover from winter stresses and promotes new growth for the upcoming growing season. 

Autumn scarification helps prepare the lawn for winter by reducing thatch buildup and improving air circulation and water penetration. 



Depending on your lawn soil type, aeration can be carried out most of the year. Contact us for advice specific to your lawn type.

There are no active ingredients in our treatments that require you to delay the composting of any grass clippings.

To help your lawn recover, adjust the mower to a higher setting for future mows and provide adequate watering. We would need to apply a lawn nutrition to promote new growth. It’s essential to be patient and if the damage is extensive, but we can provide over-seeding to help fill in bare spots and encourage a denser lawn. Call us and our lawn technician will evaluate the damage.

This could be due to several factors such as, inadequate watering, nutrient deficiencies, signs of damage from lawn grubs and pests, diseases, improper mowing practices or environmental stress factors. To determine the cause, a close inspection is necessary. Please contact us to arrange a survey by a professional lawn technician.

Please be aware that weed control can take up to two weeks before there is visible evidence that it is working, and often the first visible signs are rapid growth of the target plant. To firstly help us investigate this thoroughly, we ask whether you would please email us some pictures of these weeds via email at lawns@shrekfeet.com

If weeds in your lawn haven’t responded to recent treatment, patience is key, as weed control products may take at least two weeks to take effect. We ask whether you would please email us some pictures of theses weeds via email at lawns@shrekfeet.com and we will investigate the issue.

Please can you provide images to lawns@shrekfeet.com as least two weeks after the treatment for us to identify the weeds. We typically spot-treat visible weeds to reduce these throughout the year, however newly germinated weeds may be missed during spot-treatment. Our treatments impact existing weeds only – these don’t prevent pre-emerging or new germination from dormant seeds or those brought in by wildlife or wind.

We recommend refraining from mowing your lawn three days before a treatment visit to ensure weeds are present in full, with weed leaves intact for a more effective treatment. This also aids in optimal nutrient absorption by the grass. We also recommend on refraining from mowing a minimum of 3 days after the treatment has been completed.

Treatments for your lawn is still possible, but it’s recommended to remove the leaves first for effective lawn treatments. Leaves can obstruct the penetration of lawn nutrition and weed control, affecting even distribution. Clearing leaves constantly prevents disease and contributes to overall lawn health. Removing leaves with a rake or leaf blower is advised before applying treatments. We offer a leaf blowing service for a small charge, please contact us to arrange this.

To address unsightly grasses in your lawn, we would begin by identifying the extent of the problem. For isolated patches, manually remove the unwanted plants, ensuring complete root removal. In cases of more widespread issues, we would use a non-selective weed grass eradication treatment. Once this has died-back, the areas would need over-seeding the areas with the desired grass type to match the existing lawn, with top-dressing provided to assist with new germination. Please contact us for an estimate.

Several factors can contribute to challenges in seed germination. Once seeding has been carried out, it must be nurtured after we leave. If the seed dries out too quickly, it can hinder germination and lead to the failure of some of the overseeding efforts. Birds need deterring where possible. We ask that you send images to lawns@shrekfeet.com and we can view the extent prior to a visit.

Adequate moisture is crucial for seed germination, and preventing the seed from drying out during the initial period is essential. Birds remove newly sown seed which impacts coverage. Strategies like netting or garden windmills can deter birds and protect the seed. We use fresh seed from reputable suppliers and regularly check viability. Please send images to lawns@shrekfeet.com

After scarification or dethatching a lawn, there are likely to be bare areas, as moss, thatch, and weaker grasses are removed from the surface. To aid recovery, we can provide over-seeding, and by applying lawn nutrition and ensuring you are providing regular watering, the lawn will recover. Please contact us for your lawn to be over-seeded.

Your lawn requires guidance from one of our professional lawn technicians to begin the restoration of your lawn. We provide professional lawn scarification and moss control to renovate your lawn. New grass should be introduced through over-seeding and top-dressing, this provides much healthier conditions for your lawn, ideal for the grass to begin to thrive. Contact us for a free lawn survey.

We would advise to better manage the lawn you currently have. Laying turf on poor soil will only re-produce issues if the soil conditions are not dealt with by a professional lawn technician. We provide lawn renovations and lawn treatment which will provide a healthier, stronger lawn in the long-term. Please contact us for a free survey and estimate.

Yes, a professional lawn technician would need to assess the extent of these undulations during a lawn survey. Top-dressing and over-seeding will alleviate most areas where the lawn is uneven, however this may require topsoil to provide a good sub-base prior to this. Contact to arrange a viewing.

Mushrooms or fungi in your lawn is not necessarily bad. In fact, mushrooms are a natural part of the decomposition process in the soil, and they often indicate that organic matter is breaking down. It may be an indicator that your lawn is staying too wet. Aerating your lawn to help overcome drainage issues, contact us to see how we can help.

Using the wrong weed control treatment for the specific type of weed can lead to ineffective results. Please send images to lawns@shrekfeet.com for a specialist to identify the weeds present and to advise on the correct weed control method for dealing with these.

Certainly, your lawn is compacted and requires a better opportunity to drain freely. Our professional lawn technicians would need to assess the soil type during a survey, and your lawn would need to be aerated on an annual basis to begin to alleviate this issue. Please contact to arrange this.

Soil that is compacted hinders a root-system’s chance for development. Lawn aeration involves perforating the soil with holes and fissures to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the root-system. Topdressing after over-seeding helps improve soil structure, provides essential nutrients, and enhances water retention for new grass to establish. Speak to one of our lawncare professionals to arrange a survey.

Not necessarily, but it does present some challenges for growing grass. Most grass species prefer full sunlight, and shaded areas may result in thinner grass, slower growth, and increased susceptibility to certain issues. Contact us to learn more about shade-tolerant grass varieties.

Soil quality and moisture retention can be improved through our treatment plan. Our Drench wetting agent applications will not replacing proper watering methods but can reduce the amount of water a lawn requires. Contact us to find out more. Remember all living organisms need hydration stay alive and healthy.

Yes, provided they will not be smothering the grass and starving the lawn of light. Mowing high, regularly and mulching the clippings into the lawn is beneficial, as this process recycles the nitrogen found in the blades of grass, back into the soil.

This could be due to a several factors, but this could likely be due to root-eating grubs, such as chafers or leatherjackets. Our professional lawn technicians would need to inspect the lawn, locate the source of the issues, and provide an effective program to save your lawn – Contact us to arrange this.

We do provide weed control services for hard surfaces. We can effectively treat these areas at the optimum times of the year to reduce weed issues, providing a tidy result. You can also pay for these on a monthly basis for affordability, contact us and we can gladly provide this for you.

We aim to delight every customer.  Sometimes things go wrong and when this happens, we need you to tell us about it.  This will help us to improve our standards.

If you have a complaint, please contact us in writing with the details. You can do this by post to Shrekfeet Independent Lawncare, Wessenden Business Centre, Prospect Rd, Alresford SO24 9QF or by email to lawnman@shrekfeet.com.

We have eight weeks to consider your complaint. If we have not resolved it within this time you may complain to the Citizen’s Advice.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our lawncare services! This can be written here: www.shrekfeet.com/reviewus and if you mention the name of your lawn technician in the review, they are awarded a bonus from us for doing a great job!

Once a lawn service has been completed, we send you an after-service email. This email will provide a link to your online customer portal, where you are able to view recent services and make a payment for this. Most customer prefer to spread the cost of their lawncare monthly, with no extra charge. Contact us and we can arrange this for you.

Yes please! We are very pleased to hear, either they can contact us, or we can contact them. As an existing customer, please log into your customer portal at www.lawngateway.com/Shrekfeet/ReferAFriend.aspx, alternatively please visit www.shrekfeet.com/recommend and you will each receive £25 for EVERY successful referral.

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