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3 Easy Tips to Kill Moss on Lawns – Your Winter 2020 Guide Made Easy

Our 3 Step Guide to –  Killing Moss on Lawns We are often asked about killing moss on lawns or what is the best moss lawn killer. In this short article we give the guidance on what to do and how to do it. Why is lawn moss a problem? From a distance moss gives […]

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grass seed

Seeding after moss removal

Over-seeding after moss removal After you have killed and removed moss from your lawn the final process is over-seeding – introducing new, healthy grass plants to in-fill the gaps left by the moss that’s been removed, creating a stronger, healthier lawn that’s more capable of dealing with the challenges nature throws at it. Scarification creates […]

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Killing and removing lawn moss

Killing and removing moss If you already have moss in your lawn this can be treated. Some people try this themselves with lawn-sand but the results can be hit and miss with the grass often being killed at the same time as the moss. Far better is a liquid treatment combined with a wetting agent […]

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frost on lawn

Don’t walk on frozen grass

Ground Frost A ground frost is the formation of ice on the ground itself or on other objects such as trees. This is because their surfaces have a temperature below the freezing point of water. Sometimes, when the ground cools quicker than the air, a ground frost will occur without there being air frost. Grass Frost A grass frost […]

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