lawn aeration

Winter wonderland lawns

Winter can be tough on a lawn. Low light levels and freezing temperatures stop grass growing. Waterlogging can cause grass plants to die and moss growth increases. Autumn leaf fall can kill patches of grass creating bare areas. Compaction, drainage and top-dressing Regular foot traffic over your lawn will compact the soil structure, resulting in […]

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Lawn moss problems

According to Don McLean’s 70’s classic, American Pie, ‘moss grows fat on a rolling stone’. According to my experience, moss grows fat on a winter lawn. Many suffer moss growth in their lawns. It’s easy to spot, lush and green amongst the grass. Thriving as it smothers its less vigorous winter bed partner. The good […]

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beautiful lawn

Fertiliser recommendations for your lawn

Keeping Your Lawn Fed: Lawns are hungry feeders; let’s take a look at what lawn fertiliser they need to remain healthy throughout the year. Tom Jones may well have sung about the green green grass of home, far too few gardeners understand what goes into the perfect lawn. Most think it is okay to pick […]

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watering lawn

Feelin’ hot hot hot

It’s thirsty work for a lawn during the summer; let’s look at the problems and how we can help. It may be raining men in Aretha Franklyn’s world, but that masculine precipitation is of no use whatsoever to your dry lawn, as it struggles to cope with soring temperatures and long periods without water. You […]

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