Lawns are hungry feeders; let’s take a look at what they need to remain healthy throughout the year

Tom Jones may well have sung about the green green grass of home, far too few gardeners understand what goes into the perfect lawn. Most think it is okay to pick up a bag of feed, sprinkle it liberally on the lawn and all will be okay. Your lawn has a complex relationship with nutrition, […]

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Aerate your lawn

Lawn Aeration made easy with our step by step guide

Holey Moley – Let’s look at the importance of lawn aeration… We mostly judge our lawns by the appearance of their leaves. Let’s take a moment to consider the importance of the soil structure in the health of your lawn. Within the soil, a network of roots not only anchors the plant, but also acts […]

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compacted lawn

Compaction – it’s a hard life

The importance of air gaps within your soil Our lawns get a lot of foot traffic. We are out there barbecuing, kicking a ball around, playing with the dog or pegging out the laundry. Over time this foot traffic can compact the soil beneath your lawn, gradually reducing the air gaps which are essential to […]

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Aerate your lawn

9 Spring Lawn Care Essentials

As days lengthen, we venture outside and begin to notice how our lawns look. Many lawns struggle a little over the winter. Let’s look at what can be done now to get your lawn ready for a beautiful summer 1 – Moss Moss in itself isn’t a problem. It’s green and soft under foot. Nice […]

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Measure your lawn

Click and drag map , then zoom on your lawn as much as possible and start measuring. Then, use your finger or cursor to colour the area which you want measured. You can use the undo button if you make a mistake.